Lake Howell High School

Testing Updates


  • 9th and 10th graders will take the FSA ELA during the spring administration in 2022.

  • If a student is enrolled in 10th grade and taking English 3 Honors or Higher, they may be permitted to sit for the FSA ELA in the fall. >>>>Please speak to Ms. Pearson directly.

  • Remember, passing the 10th grade FSA ELA is a graduation requirement. Students will take the test in 9th grade, but this test is used as an instructional data point and for class placement. Passing the test in 9th grade does NOT meet the ELA testing graduation requirement.


Students may utilize any of the following options to meet the Math high school graduation requirement:

Earn a level 3 on the Algebra 1 EOC during ANY future administration (offered four times a year) or
Earn a level 3 on the Geometry EOC score or
Earn/use a comparative score on one of the following assessments:

  • PSAT/NMSQT Math Score of 430+

  • SAT Math Score of 420+

  • ACT Math Score of 16+

Students may utilize any of the following options to meet the FSA ELA high school graduation requirement:

Earn a level 3 on the FSA ELA retake during ANY future administration (offered twice a year) or
Earn/use a concordant score on one of the following assessments:

  • SAT EBRW Score of 480+ (Superscores DO apply!)

  • ACT an average score of 18 on English and Reading Subtests (17.5 average rounds up!)

Ms. Jaclyn DiMatteo
School Assessment Coordinator
Media Specialist


Kaplan SAT Bootcamp--> (Live)

Kaplan SAT Bootcamp--> (Recorded)

Kaplan ACT Prep-->

Princeton review: Free SAT Practice Tests and Events-->!practice

Princeton review: Free ACT Practice Tests and Events-->!practice

Set up an Observer Account in Ecampus

Parent Observer Setup 2019-20
Observer Account

ELearning Toolkit

Updated Distance Learning Toolkit (1).pdf

The attached kit includes important contact information, Ecampus guides, FAQs, as well as instructions for parents for following student progress.

Media Center FAQ

    • How can I check out a textbook?

      • Stop by the Media Center before, during, or after school to check out textbooks. Be sure to return all books at the end of the year or you will be placed on the debt list!

    • How can I search for an LHHS library book?

    • When is the Media Center open?

      • The MC is open most days from 7:00AM-2:45PM; however, these hours may vary with testing.

Password Resets

Typically password resets must be done at school on the network in order for students to regain access to their accounts. The students must be present, and currently, that is unfortunately not an option.

At this time, we are asking that parents and/or students do one of two things:

    • OPTION 1:

    • OPTION 2:

      • Contact the Help Desk Monday – Friday 6:45 AM to 4:30 PM

      • 407.320.0350

ELearning Assistance

Student video help guides for using every aspect of Ecampus (Link)

Ecampus en español: haga clic aquí (Link)

Observer Account Setup (Link)

Please email Ms. Pearson with any questions about Ecampus at

You may also reach out to the help desk at the district:

Monday – Friday 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM


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