Free-Trade Store


All prices are listed in the currency of the selling country. Prices and inventory are subject to change. Photos may not be an exact representation of what is in stock.

Only one PREMIUM item can be bought per person, per trade day. Once you have purchased one PREMIUM item, you are not allowed to purchase any other items that day.

Any items that cost above $1 (US) are LIMITED to one of those items per trade day. You may still purchase other items.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) can also be purchased from your teacher outside of Free-Trade Friday.

The following can be bought in all country locations...they are listed in US dollars ($).

*$2 Pride Ticket (You can exchange $2 in your currency for 1 pride ticket)

*$4 Listen to music w/headphones while doing work in class

*$4 Leave class 2 minutes early (locker pass)

*$4 Front of lunch line pass

*$6 Choose your seat when new seating chart is coming out (Revocable by teacher)

$15 Treats for the class (limit one per period each Free Trade Friday)

$15 Video day for the class (limit one per period each Free Trade Friday)

$15 Class Quizlet Live Day for the class (limit one per period each Free Trade Friday)


Yuan ¥

Li - Room 279 (7Y Core)

Small Candy 7¥ LIMIT 5

Chinese Bookmark 14¥

Chinese Postcard 14¥

Chinese Knot 28¥

Panda Bookmark 35¥

Chinese Masking Tape 70¥


Quetzal Q

Boehnke - Room 163 (8C Core)

Small Candy Q8 LIMIT 5

*Spanish Pencil Q8

Spanish Tattoo Q8

Spanish Button Q16

Spn. Color Change Pencil Q24

Peppermint Smencil Q32

Maraca Pen Q40

Regular Candy Q56 PREMIUM


Lempira L

Ruiz - Room 179 (8Y Core)

Small Candy L25 LIMIT 5

*Spanish Pencil L25

Spanish Stickers Sheet L50

Emoji Balloon L75

Rubber Duck L100

Bobble Head Turtle (out of stock) L100

Pick a Bell Song L250 (single buyer only - See Sr. Ruiz)

Mini Burro Piñata L300 PREMIUM

See Señor's Senior Pictures L500 (single buyer only - See Sr. Ruiz)

All world language classes Kahoot Day L500 (limit one total each Free Trade Friday - See Sr. Ruiz)


Nepalese Rupee रू

Mittelstadt - Room 262 (7C Core)

International Candy 115रू

Green Tea KitKat 115रू

Flags, Pencils Buttons, or Bookmarks


(2) Rice Candies 230रू

Globe Keychain 230रू

Big Candy 345रू PREMIUM

Trident Gum 575रू

Made in Uganda - Adjustable Bracelet 1,150रू

See a progression of Mr. growing up (middle school + high school) 1,380रू (See Mr. M)


Somoni C.

Cassidy - Room 263 (7C Core)

Small Candy 9C.

German Stickers Sheet 18C.

Matryoshka stickers 18C.

Nesting Doll Keychain 45C.

Woven Bracelet 45C.

Special/Teacher Chair Pass 45C.

Chips 45C. PREMIUM

Full size bag of Gummy Bears 72C. PREMIUM

WL Day T-Shirt 90C. PREMIUM