Welcome to your senior portfolio website.

Due to the pandemic, the Northridge Academy High School School Leadership Council (SLC) decided to modify the Senior Portfolio Requirements for the Class of 2021 ONLY.

1. Letter of Introduction to Readers

2. Certificate, scholarship and awards – if these can be retrieved from school site

3. Transcript as a substitution for copies of report cards

4. Resume

5. Brag Sheet

6. One Letter of Recommendation

7. Autobiographical Incident Essay

8. Post-Secondary Plan (LAUSD Requirement), with the following attachments:

a. Applications to colleges/universities, trade schools or the military

b. FAFSA application

9. One quality work with reflection

10. Job Application

11. Service Learning Certificate (LAUSD requirement) and Reflection

a. NOTE: Are we required to keep SL Reflection in Schools-site file? If not, committee recommends removing requirement of Reflection from Portfolio

Requirements for the class of 2022, 2023, 2024 and beyond.

Use this site to help you complete your entire senior portfolio. Your senior portfolio should have the following:

Section 1: Letter of Introduction to the readers of the portfolio

Section 2: My certificates, scholarships, awards, and report card copies

Section 3: Resume

Section 4: Brag Sheet

Section 5: Letters of Recommendation

Section 6: Autobiographical Incident Essay

Section 7: Post Secondary Plan

Section 8: UC, CSU, private, community college or post-secondary program application/s

Section 9: Proof of Filing FAFSA

Section 10: Six pieces of my quality work with a reflection

Section 11: Service Learning Project

Section 12: Job Application

Section 13: Senior Workshop