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This is my seventh year teaching at Kennedy High School. I have been working in LAUSD for 20 years as a teacher, librarian and aide. I have a Bachelor's Degree from CSUN in Biology and a Master's Degree in Secondary Education with a focus on Science, my thesis was on writing in the science classroom.


Email: sjw3755@lausd.net

Office hours: Monday-Friday 9-9:45AM

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Takashi Murakami

He is my favorite artist. He draws Japaneses pop art and I first fell in love with his work at an LA show he did. They have some of his artwork at the Broad Museum in Downtown LA.

Books I am Reading Now

my dream Car

It is a 1970's era Ford Bronco for Zombie Hunting. It even has a ladder and platform so you can sleep in a tent on top of the car!

I saw it at the Fabulous Fords Forever show in Anaheim that happens every year.