Hello Future Toros!

We are excited that you starting your middle school journey soon. Middle school is different than elementary school in that you will have one teacher for each subject, for a total of 6 teachers. You are automatically enrolled in English, Math, Science, PE and Social Studies.  The 6th class will be your elective. We offer various elective courses.  During 6th grade elementary school visits, the CCMS middle school counselors will assist students in selecting 2 elective choices.

Please note that we ask for your top two (2) choices since we cannot guarantee that you will get your first choice - space is limited, so the sooner you make your option the better! We look forward to having you as an amazing student!


You can contact the counselors at Cesar Chavez Middle if you have any questions about our programs.

Mrs. Cox:  Mr. Ochoa:  Mrs.  Richardson: