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Wonder of Reading

Click here for the Korean or Spanish TIC-TAC-TOE boards.

Wonder of Reading- Daily Story Calendar

District curriculum for math. Think Central has online resources to support learning.

All content for paid subscription is free. Great for lesson videos and curriculum support for math and ELA.

Curriculum support for units of study in math. Tasks and practice offered for standards.

District curriculum for ELA. Wonders resources that offers online lessons for students.

Content resources and lessons.

Resources for lessons and activities with students from Scholastic.

Newly adopted science curriculum. Has resources and activities for units of study as well as content for other content areas.

Click here to find out how to access DE from home.

Science activities for students to work at home.

Explore Discovery TK-6.mp4


Watch the video above to see how you can find some neat science activities!

Explore Discovery 7-8.mp4


Check out the video above to see how you can enter the Discover Education portal for some awesome science explorations!

Click on the images below to explore these free learning experiences!

Plenty of learning games & activities!

Online videos and activities for all content areas.

Videos for getting students engaged and active.

Stay connected to the animals at San Diego Zoo.