Comprehensive Package
For high school juniors/seniors

Consultant meets every 2–3 weeks with high school juniors and weekly during the summer before senior year and until applications are submitted.  Contact Catherine for pricing.

Services include:

5-Hour Consulting Block

Ideal for:

Hourly Consulting

Ideal for a student/family seeking advice about a targeted piece of the college search and admissions process. 

Reasons to work with a college consultant:

We all know the frustration of feeling like we can offer our children sound advice, but they will just not listen to us! Let me be the one to reinforce effective strategies around the college application process.

High school juniors and seniors are busy, and so are their parents.! I will help your student meet their application deadlines by scheduling regular meetings and manageable tasks.

It's difficult to understand what you'll be expected to pay for college. I will help you understand both need-based financial aid and merit aid. We can build a student's school list around financial parameters, and I will share tools that will help you assess what colleges will expect you to pay.

One common mistake that students make on supplemental essays is mentioning how beautiful a college campus is or how they are drawn to the nice weather. Instead, teens should describe why they're drawn to the school's programs! I attend numerous webinars and information sessions so that I am knowledgeable about common pitfalls and can help students research schools more effectively.

I use software that shows helpful data for a college (average GPA and standardized test scores, acceptance rate, retention rate, average merit aid) all in one place. It makes it easy to determine if a school could be a fit academically and financially.