Catherine Buttner

Catherine Buttner is the founder of My Course to College and feels fortunate to have discovered this career path after being a math and science classroom teacher for 17 years. Catherine trained to be a college consultant by completing UCLA's College Counseling Certificate Program and interning in the college counseling office at an independent school in the Boston area. 

Catherine finds that college counseling allows her to draw upon previous aspects of her employment and volunteer experiences, and it has been satisfying to meet students' needs by drawing upon various "tools from the toolkit." Read more below about how Catherine's different experiences are relevant to her current work as a college consultant.

Catherine resides in Westwood, MA, and her two children attend the public schools. In her spare time, Catherine enjoys running, soccer, sailing, and reading. She is also committed to improving access to higher education and volunteers with ScholarMatch, a community-based organization that supports under-resourced students through the college admissions process.

Relevant Employment and Volunteer Experiences 

Math and science classroom teacher: Catherine taught middle and high school math and science classes for 17 years, mostly at independent schools. This experience taught her how to be patient with students and customize her approach to meet each student's needs.

Tutor: Catherine tutored students in math, biology, and chemistry. Each hour-long tutoring session always felt like it "flew by," and this is what made Catherine realize that she derives great satisfaction from working one on one with a student and getting to know them well.

Alumni interviewer: Catherine conducted virtual interviews for her alma mater, so she is familiar with questions that could be asked and will help students prep for interviews.

Proofreading certificate: Catherine sometimes refers to herself as a "grammar geek," and she earned a proofreading certificate in 2022 from Proofreading Academy (now Knowadays). She did some corporate proofreading but much prefers using her skills to guide students in polishing off their final drafts of college essays!

UCLA College Counseling Certificate Program: Catherine earned her certificate in college counseling in 2023, after completing six courses and a practicum at an independent school in the Boston area. The program taught her about so many resources that she is excited to use with students and families!

Career path exploration: Catherine has been employed in four different fields: scientific research, teaching, customer service, and corporate proofreading. Each role taught her more about herself, but it took a long time to figure out what aspects of a job suited her strengths and personality. She feels that she could have benefitted from some career guidance. Catherine now feels passionate about helping students self-reflect and explore careers that fit their interests and aptitudes, and she uses several tools and assessments to do this.


B.S. Biology – Haverford College

M.Ed. – Harvard University


Proofreading Certificate – Proofreading Academy (now Knowadays) – 2022

Certificate in College Counseling – UCLA Extension – earned with distinction in 2023