Intelligent Secure by Design & Privacy by Design Research Solutions

Key Focus of the Group: Securing and Preserving Privacy in IoT, IoMT, IoRT and Multimodal Autonomous Robotic System

Securing and Preserving Privacy in IoT and IoMT Eco-System: 

In today's era of the Internet of Things(IoT) and Industry 4.0, any devices, machines, sensors, objects, and even people and animals can be connected and become part of a network. These connected nodes enable us to collect data and control activities locally or remotely, transforming the way nodes communicate and interact. This connected network has enormous applications, including in the fields of Healthcare, Smart Home, Smart City, Autonomous Vehicles, Agriculture and Farming, Supply Chain Management, etc. The limited resources of the nodes in terms of computation, battery life and memory makes it very challenging to incorporate resource demanding security features to ensure Confidentiality, Integrity, and availability. The group's current research focuses on the following Healthcare and Supply chain application domains:

Health and Wellbeing (Smart Home Security, IoT & IoMT Security): In this field, the group aims to work on preserving and maintaining data Privacy and Security in the health and wellbeing systems. The group work on Designing and Developing techniques and methods for maintaining data integrity, access control, authentication based on the need of the users and analyse privacy & secure risks to help build trusted systems. The secure systems will be designed in such a way that ethics, trust, reliability and acceptability of the systems are taken into account. The data collection methods should NOT be intrusive in nature, its purpose should be clear and be acceptability to the users. What is collected, how it is collected, how it is transferred, where it is stored, how and where it is processed, how the data is used, where it used, who has the access, how it is accessed, how it is authorized or authenticated and so on are critical in maintaining privacy and security of the sensitive health and wellbeing data. The designs will also be focussed on developing and integrating smart, autonomous, innovative and secure IoT based healthcare solutions to enable independent living and support for better living for (say) care homes, elderly people who live alone or have disability and so on.

Supply Chain Management: In this domain, the group focuses on providing IoT based secure solutions for supply chain. Designing secure IoT and Blockchain systems to reduce, avoid or minimize food wastage, food loss, improving quality, transparency, maximizing profit, and building a trustable and adoptable system to safeguard the interest of people engaging and participating in the supply network and to ensure a quality service delivery to users to safeguard public health and making the supply chain hard to counterfeit and detect fraud activities that compromises the health and wellbeing of the users

Securing and Preserving Privacy in Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT) for Assistive System: Apart from preserving Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) in a Multimodal Assistive Robotic System (MARs), the group focuses on secure by design and privacy be design frameworks for autonomous assistive robotic system and integrating IoT and IoMT with the MARs. Some of the key research focus in MARs are listed below:

Unintended Data Disclosure Issue: Unless the RAS is made aware of what service to provide when and where it might easily leak private information of the user in public places or presence of other users. The robotic system should have social sensitivity and understand cultural context to preserve user's privacy. 

Inappropriate Data Disclosure Issue: Due to unawareness of the RAS, it could easily discuss, share or engage with the user in presence of an unintended audience. Training the RAS to consider what is appropriate to share and acceptable to whom, where and when is a complex issue. 

Access Control (Identification, Authentication, Authorisation, Accounting): To guarantee that only the authorised users can access RAS and its services and to protect the user’s privacy, user’s data, and the RAS itself, it is vital to control the access of the RAS services and its data. In this process, we aim to authorise users seamlessly and continuously (using biometric information and AI) and develop techniques to control who can access what and in what format and at what level to make the MARs system effective, resilient, acceptable, and adaptable to the the users irrespective of the psychological and physical condition of the users. So that that the complex security techniques and mechanisms doesn't become a barrier and a burden to the users. The solution should be user-centric. A traditional one-time authentication (single or multi-factor) would leave the RAS open leading to potential comptonization of the user’s privacy, similar to what could happen to an unlocked phone or computer. Thus, an effective and reliable continuous authentication mechanism and access control should be developed and incorporated.

Additionally, the group aim to ensure cyber space security and provide sustainability, suitability, adoptability, applicability, and guarantees trust by protecting the sensitive data, devices and network and conceal the user activity from intruders. Thus, the focus of the group is to design sustainable & secure IoT, IoMT, IoRT based low powered trustable network systems. The group also focuses on maintaining traceability of any activity, accountability, and provide transparency with tamper-proof assurances by harvesting and designing energy efficient Blockchain Technologies to fight against CO2 emission. 

Events and Activities: 


This workshop is to conduct an in depth research scoping of security and privacy issues and challenges in adopting assistive multimodal robotic system. It is funded by EPSRC UK-RAS Network( )

Detail about the workshop:

Date: 30th June, 2022 at AWRC. Sheffield Hallam University. 

Webinar (Workshop)

This workshop is to address the challenges in providing secure IoT systems and embedding artificial intelligence in the field of Healthcare and Supply Chain systems.

Date and Time:  29th July, 2PM to 3:30PM  (Prof. Martin Howarth)Date and Time:  06th Aug, 2PM to 3:30PM (Dr Sally Fowler-Davis)

Platform: Online via Zoom.


Wednesday 3rd February 2021, 4-5pm (By Dr. Jims Marchang) 

It was organized for AWRC wellbeing accelerator, 10 SMEs attended the workshop. The workshop cover the following topics:

  • Smart Home and Smart Health monitoring and Controlling systems
  • Security and Privacy Challenges in Smart Healthcare Systems.
  • IoT & AI Solutions in Healthcare Systems
  • IoT and Security Challenges.
  • Why securing data, devices, and users are vital