Oorjith Komarraju - Unit 1 Final Assessment


During the course of developing this unit I learned How to develop a storyline with strong character including the detailed internal (what the characters likes to do) and external features (the appearance of the characters). Another useful strategy I have utilized is a story spine (the concrete step). This allows you to break the story into story beats (parts and thoughts of the writer). Story beats allow you to create the “skeleton” of your story. I have also learned to make my character struggle during the story so that by the end the readers will have a much more meaningful conclusion. Without a meaningful conclusion the readers will not be satisfied and not have an enjoyable time while reading. The twists and the strength of the character allows the readers to re-read the story. Also, I learned to plot protagonist and antagonist characters (incorporating) into the story. I incorporated them into the story in such a way that they would have a constant psychological struggle. This struggle is what drove the story.

The process of the final narrative was like skimming the butter from milk. It took many revisions. During the final story, I thought of the story like a body. I first wrote a basic 250 word story that just acted like the skeleton of the story. Then I took that skeleton and added some vital details(organs) that shaped why the plot of the story went on this path. Later I added the “muscle” to the story which made the body of the story complete and presentable. Finally I shaped the body into what it is now with the "skin" which were the finishing touches.

I believe that I really got to know my main character’s internal and external features, such as what they do all day long, What they wear, and what they eat. If I were to work on this assignment again I would like to add another “organ” to my story. That “organ” would be the setting, because I don’t think I added much emphasis or detail to my setting. I realized including setting would help me elaborate the storyline.