Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

This portfolio is an anthology of my work from the past year. Every author has a favorite piece, so do I, my favorite piece of writing in this portfolio is the "listicle". The listicle is my proud piece, as I spent a long time trying to make it as flawless as possible, with out making it boring of course. I feel that as a writer I am very proficient in spelling and citing sources. My morale was boosted when I bagged 3rd place at school level in the 4th grade spelling bee, in the first year I competed. Also, citing sources became as easy as pie when I learned the STAT (Source Title Author Topic) acronym. In all the aspects, there is a room for improvement and I could improve on my punctuation, because more often than not I end up misplacing a comma or two. Despite of my challenges I have grown over the past year, I learned to work towards a final product step by step, the STAT acronym and proper planning. on my next writing piece, I want improve on my punctuation and to learn many more useful skills. Writing to me is not just an art form but an effective means of communication, it can be used to stop wars, write laws and keep peace. Writing is the best step in learning, it gives meaning to our thoughts and help us reach our goals, as in research proposals. That being said without writing we would be cavemen,famished people without communication or proper trade.