Online registration will open on Friday, July 21 st. 

To register online, go to and click on
Skyward Family Access at the top of the page.

Please note you are not required to register in person if you complete online registration at home. Your student will just need to turn in any medical forms on the first day of school.  

After online registration is complete, student schedules will be viewable in Skyward starting Monday, July 29th.  Please review your schedule with your current student and if there are any schedule corrections needed please fill out the Schedule Correction Request form. This form will also be emailed out to all current students.  The Schedule Correction Request form should be completed no later than Friday, August 2nd. This will give counselors time to review the forms before registration. If your counselor is not able to make the correction you will be notified or contacted for an appointment at registration if necessary. Any needed schedule corrections after August 2nd will be made the first week of school.

In-Person Registration Dates

9th-12th grade students:   Monday, August 5th    11:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. 

9th grade students only:  Tuesday, August 6th       10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. 

In-Person Registration will start at the entrance to the Cafeteria (north-side of the building; door 50 & 51). If you pre-register online, you will be “fast tracked” straight to the station you need. However, if you still need to complete registration online you will have access to a computer. Please note, parents are strongly encouraged to register their student. If you do not have your Skyward login information you will be asked to show your ID for identification purposes.  If a parent is not available to attend please provide your student with the Skyward login and password included in the letter that was mailed home.  

Bus sign-up will now be online with registration. Fees may be paid at the on-campus registration by cash or card. Fees paid online can be paid by credit or debit. Any student who has not returned their Chromebook will not be able to complete registration until their fee is paid or the device and charger are returned. Please remember to bring completed medical forms sent out from the Nurse’s Office earlier this summer. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office 

at 246-1730 or email

Schedule Correction Request 2024-2025

After reviewing your schedule in Skyward, if you wish to request a correction, please use the form below. Submit only one request per student. Please know that we will do our best to accommodate every request. We will make changes if you are in a course you've already earned credit for or if you are scheduled for the same course twice on your schedule. We will do our best to make elective change requests, but please understand that changes are dictated by availability and seat capacity. 


Schedule Correction Policy in Handbook:

Students will have the first 3 days of each semester to make a schedule correction. Students will have 5 additional school days to change a class to a Study Hall.  Changes in course requests will not be made for the following reasons: to change teachers, to change lunch or study halls, to be with friends, etc. No schedule corrections will be made after the deadlines, other than those that are administrative in nature. An automatic failing grade will be issued if a course is dropped after day 9 of the semester.

Registration Materials

Student Emergency Information Form (all students)

Freshmen Requirements

Physical Exam Form (freshmen only)

Dental Exam Form (freshmen only)

Medicaid Access Form (if applicable)

Permission for Administration of Medication Form (if applicable) 

Medication Authorization Form/OTC (if applicable)

Student Fees

If you need forms mailed or emailed to you, please contact Shayla Tracey in the Nurse's Office, or 246-1830

Other Registration Resources

New Student Information

Please fill out this Google Form if you are enrolling a NEW out of district student  (first time attending MVTHS)

Students that are enrolling as a Freshman from a MVTHS feeder school DO NOT need to fill out this form.

Course Handbook

Please review the Course Handbook for graduation requirements, GPA methods, course descriptions, and other important information.

MVTHS Master Course List 24-25




Senior Course Registration Guide 2024-2025.pdf


Junior Course Guide - Class of 2026.pdf


Sophomore Course Guide - Class of 2027.pdf


You can download this PDF and email it back to your assigned counselor, OR fill out a digital copy of this form:





Class of 2028 Resources

Freshman Academy Staff will be visiting 8th grade students at their feeder schools the week of January 22nd to hand out important course selection information and introduce students to the high school. Parents, please take time to review the orange booklet with your student before final course selection. The Freshman Counselor will return to the schools the week of January 29th to complete course selection. 

Freshman Course book 2028
Freshman Worksheet - Class of 2028.pdf
Course Exploration Night -January 2024.pptx