Prefab Workflow

Unity 2018.3 was only just released on December 7th, 2018. One huge new part of this is the new prefab workflow. This has a few huge benefits:

  • Nested prefabs - For example, a gun prefab, that is nested under two separate enemies and can be edited as a single gun prefab - pushing changes to both enemies holding it)
  • Variants - Kind of like a family tree of original prefabs. Start with one main enemy type, then create a variant that is a different color and slightly taller. Make another that is a different color and shorter. Any changes made to the original prefab, can be applied to all variants. In other words you could keep upgradring your characters and weapons while using a few basic blueprints ... and yet be able to go back and make a tweak to the blueprint, changing all that come after.
  • Editing prefabs in their own window - not having to put them into a scene to edit them.

Here are the first resources that have come out about this: