Online Leaderboard

Big Ideas:

A programmer named Carmine Guida created a great, free Unity Asset and website that will host your high scores. Thank you!

  • Download Asset - In your project, download this free asset from the asset store: " - Free Instant Leaderboards and Promocode System"
  • Create Leaderboard on - Go to and create your own leaderboard for free. You will need two codes from this leaderboard you create, so don't close the window or lose these.
  • Prefab - Drag the DreamLo prefab into your game, remove the "... Promocode..." script from it. Copy and paste your private and public codes from the website into the prefab.
  • AddScores - At any time, call on the prefab's script and use "AddScore(string name, int score)" ... or a an overloaded method with different parameters
  • Manage Scores - You can go to your leaderboard at any time to remove any score (e.g. offensive names, or your test case scores)
  • Getting Scores - When calling on either AddScore() or GetScores(), the dreamlo script gets the entire current leaderboard (stored as a single long string). Call on the prefab's script and use "ToListHighToLow()" to get a sorted list of all the high scores.
  • Donate to Use on WebGL - You need to donate $5 to to convert to HTTPS / SSL to use this at all on a WebGL build on

Important Notes:

  1. HTTPS / SSL - If you want to run your game on or need HTTPS for some other reason, you need to donate a minimum of $5 to the site to upgrade your leaderboard from HTTP to HTTPS. Otherwise the HTTPS can't send out HTTP requests.
  2. GetScores() - For some reason, the GetScores() method is not set to public. By default, the scores are only downloaded after you call on AddScore(). I went into the script and changed GetScores() to be a public method, so that i could call it from my own leaderboard script (as shown below).

Code Example

Common Questions:

1. What is the website of my Leaderboard? I accidentally closed the window without bookmarking it!<private code>