Dance Spectrum

What is Dance Spectrum?

Dance Spectrum is Mountain View High School's student centered dance program where students choreograph the dance routines. The program consists of 5 class periods: Jazz Dance (3 sections), Intermediate Dance, and Advanced Jazz Dance. The Jazz Dance class is full of students who have some, little, or no dance experience at the beginning of the school year, and the Intermediate Dance and Advanced Jazz Dance classes consist of students with prior dance experience. Students in Dance Spectrum come together to dance, learn, have fun, and contribute to a loving and supportive community!

Vision Statement

everyBODY matters!

MVHS Dance Spectrum strives to provide students of all backgrounds, abilities, races, cultures, and gender identities the opportunity to learn a variety of dance styles, techniques, and choreographic skills to develop their movement vocabularies and confidently perform in student choreographed shows. Dance Spectrum is committed to fostering a community of knowledgeable, creative, and accepting human beings, where all students feel safe and encouraged to take risks in pursuit of furthering their technical and artistic dance abilities, thus discovering more about the value of themselves and others in the process. 

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