Out of District Coursework

Out of District Guidelines & Process

Students enrolled in MVLA must follow the process listed on the MVLA OUT-OF-DISTRICT COURSE PERMISSION FORM, prior to enrolling in any outside coursework.

  1. Student submits the MVLA OUT-OF-DISTRICT COURSE PERMISSION FORM to the principal or designee. Carefully read the guidelines listed on this form.

  2. Student creates an account with the outside institution to submit an automated request, or submits Concurrent Enrollment form to the principal or designee. *If a student submits an automated request, the principal or designee must be added as approver.

  3. Requests will be reviewed and responded to by the principal or designee within 3-4 business days.

  4. Principal or designee approves or denies the request. *All requests are submitted to the principals in the summer months or to the district office if the principals are on break.

  5. Student completes the outside institution’s process for adding the approved course (varies across institutions)

It is the student’s responsibility to research the institution and to ascertain transferability before signing up for a course.