a journal of rhetoric, culture, and style

Intraspection publishes academic work that exhibits compelling prose, captivating arguments, and rhetorical flair. Editorial decisions favor form and content that cleverly address any interesting and engaging aspect of our culture. While Intraspection ostensibly classifies itself as belonging to disciplines of Rhetoric, Cultural Studies, Communication, and English Studies generally, it welcomes radical connections, profound meanderings, and cross/trans/inter-disciplinary work, whether it be an experimental essay, creative non-fiction, long poetry, multimedia, performance art, or a traditional article.

Intraspection seeks to overlap the boundaries of academic and creative scholarship through its introspective approach to academic culture as well as its inspection of all culture as broadly un/defined. Without jettisoning scholarly conventions that sustain print and online academic journals, Intraspection allows – and affords – authorly freedom in form, style, and tone to nimbly bend academic writing while maintaining rigor for research, review, and communication. Intraspection occupies possible spaces between intellectual genres, prioritizing reading and writing pleasure amid the structural layers of academic publication.