Issue 2 (Fall 2019)

Special Issue: 40 years since Sally Miller Gearhart's "The Womanization of Rhetoric"

Full Issue (PDF)

Foresights from a Foremother: Sally Miller Gearhart

Cheryl Glenn and Andrea A. Lunsford

Reflections on Speaking Out or Saying Nothing

Shirley Wilson Logan

Integrity in Rhetoric: A Taxonomy of Possibilities

Sonja K. Foss and Cindy L. Griffin

Method, Manifesto, Argument: An Intergenerational Response

Lisa Ede and Jessica Restaino

Wrestling The Divine Male: Towards Women’s Liberation in Sacred Spaces

Victoria Houser

Editor’s Note: Spirals In Time and Place

Paul Walker

Addendum: "The Womanization of Rhetoric" (PDF)*

Sally Miller Gearhart

*Used with permission. Published in Women’s Studies International Quarterly, Volume 2, Issue 2. Miller Gearhart, Sally. “The Womanization of Rhetoric.” Pages 195-201. Copyright Elsevier 1979.