English 12

Dual Enrollment

Welcome Dual Enrollment ENG 101 Students!

I, Mr. McKean, will be your instructor this semester for ENG 101. I can’t wait to meet you all in-person. Until then, we will begin with remote learning using the Canvas course on www.yc.edu. You will not be using Edgenuity (at all) for this course and you will not need a textbook as long as we remain online.

My main message to you right now is that I’m here to help each of you be successful in my class. I know it can be scary taking a college-level course online. Don’t worry yourself too much, you’ll do great in this class as long as you are working consistently. Please reach out if you are ever confused or overwhelmed.

To-Do List for This Week

1. Join the Google Classroom page (find link on my Teacher Website that you can access from www.mingusunion.com). Although you will not be submitting classwork on Google Classroom. We will use the page for virtual meetings through Google Meets. Be sure to choose the correct Class Code:

a. Period 2 – sgki7uv (Click to Join Period 2 Google Classroom )

b. Period 3 – ulir46i (Click to Join Period 3 Google Classroom )

c. Period 4 – gkfya62 (Click to Join Period 4 Google Classroom )

2. The next thing you need to do this week, before August 17, is register for the course on www.yc.edu. See the attached Dual Enrollment Registration Directions (below) for details about how to register. You will not be able to access the Canvas course until you successfully register. Once registered, you can access the course on Canvas, but classwork does not begin until Monday, August 17. Be sure to choose the correct CRN when registering (it matters):

a. Period 2 – 32740

b. Period 3 – 32741

c. Period 4 – 32742

***Please let me know ASAP if you need help with anything. My e-mail is kmckean@muhs.com and my classroom phone number is 928-634-7536 ext. 1118***

About the Course

You should know that this is a rigorous course that will set the foundation for the rest of your academic career. You will be writing three 1000-1250 word papers this semester, in addition to several other short writing assignments.

Your course will be fully accessible to you at yc.edu starting Monday, August 17th. Log into the YC Portal (My YC login button at the top right), click on the Canvas box, and then locate ENG 101.

How this course works: You will first complete an Orientation, consisting of reading the syllabus and other important documents, watching a video tour of the course, and taking a short quiz. Once you've completed the Orientation, you will have access to Week One assignments. You must complete all of Week One assignments in order to move on to the rest of the course.

This is not a self-paced course. Assignments for each week are posted on a Weekly Assignment page. All assignments are due by 11:59 pm on Thursday and Sunday each week. You must open the weekly assignment page and complete all the tabs in order to successfully complete this course. Grading is based on the assignments you complete. You can keep track of your grade by using the Class Calendar and Assignment Checklist.

Textbook requirement: The textbook is free and digital (not an actual book). The text for this course is the OER text The Worry Free Writer. You can access the text by clicking on the Textbook Access tab in your course navigation.

Is this your first online course? Are you new to Canvas? If so, you might want to take the "How to Be a Great Student" course from YC.

I'm looking forward to having you in class this semester! Again, contact me if you need anything.

Dual Enrollment Registration Directions.pdf