August 13, 2020

Hello Advisory Students & Parents,

As you may have already heard, starting this Monday, August 17th, Mingus students will continue online remote learning through Edgenuity. The six courses on each student’s schedule will be uploaded into Edgenuity; likewise, the current three “learning loss” modules will be taken down. So starting Monday, students will be responsible for logging into Edgenuity and working on each of the six courses on their regular Mingus schedule. The work on Edgenuity is mandatory and WILL count towards your attendance and grade in each class.

I am hosting a Google Meets video conference (similar to Zoom) for all my advisory students, tomorrow (Friday, 8/14) at 11:00 am to discuss the new remote learning plan in detail and answer any questions you may have. Parents, you are welcome to join in on the video conference. Students will need to be logged into our Advisory Google Classroom page before the meeting begins and click the “Meet link” in the Advisory banner at the top of the page. I will also send out an invite to each of your accounts just before the meeting begins.

Tomorrow’s Google Meets conference is for my advisory students and parents only, so I will be able to answer all of your questions individually.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

The link below will take you directly to our Advisory Google Classroom where you will check-in for attendance DAILY and access your Edgenuity platform to complete your daily classwork.

McKean's Advisory Google Classroom Site

The class code to join Mr. McKean's advisory class is:


You can also access our Advisory Google Classroom by following these steps:

***If you have forgotten your password, email me or text me through Remind to reset it***

  • Click on Advisory - McKean - 20-21

  • Enter class code: ggnvvgi