Welcome to the Manheim Township Ski Club Website!

What we do

We make every effort to continue providing safe, affordable and enjoyable ski-trips for students at both Manheim Township High School and Middle School.  So if you are at either of these two schools this year, we hope you will consider joining us on some of our trips!

We are a ski club, but we do not meet during the club-period during the school day, starting with the 2012-2013 school year, the club no longer operates under the school district, but under Manheim Township Recreation and Park Planning.  This is why you will not find our name on the list of school clubs each year when it is time to choose a club, and this is why you do all your paperwork with Manheim Township Recreation and Park Planning when you want to go on a trip.  Our existence as a club is for the purpose of skiing and snowboarding, and you are a part of the club if you go skiing or snowboarding with us.  Thanks to a committed group of students we have been able to make a number of trips, within Pennsylvania, to New England, and even to Utah.

Our club would like to thank the Manheim Township Recreation and Park Planning Department, as well as the Manheim Township School District, for their support to our club!