MRU Literacy

MRU Literacy is designed for Mount Royal University Bachelor of Education students. Through it, you will be guided in providing literacy support to elementary students. It is based on a four-part framework for each 30-minute tutoring session:

  1. Word play (10 minutes)

    • Part A: Phonemic Awareness

    • Part B: Phonics & Word Building

    • Part C: Heart Words

  2. Student reading (10 minutes)

  3. Adult reading (10 minutes)

  4. Reflection (short wrap up ~2 minutes)

The Tutoring Framework section of this website will provide guidance for each of these components.

What You Will Learn

  • Helping children to hear sounds in words, decode, and identify high frequency irregular words

  • Coaching children when they are reading

  • Talking to children about books while reading to build deeper understanding and enjoyment

  • Setting goals to target your instruction

Scarborough's Reading Rope

The literacy support materials are based upon the three components of Scarborough's Reading Rope as pictured in the image below.

Scarborough's rope shows the interconnectedness of two foundational skills that make up skilled reading: language comprehension and word recognition.

According to this model, skilled reading results from the braiding of word recognition and language comprehension. The tutoring framework is intended to support each of these strands.

  1. Word play is intended to build all three of the word recognition strands: phonological awareness, decoding, and sight word recognition.

  2. When the children read to an adult, they become increasingly automatic in their word recognition skills.

  3. When adults read aloud to children, children develop language comprehension that will support reading comprehension.

  4. Reflection is a key component of all teaching. It is important to reflect with your student. What did they learn today? What are your next steps for teaching?


In the Assessments section of the website, you will use assessment tools to identify student's skills particularly in phonological awareness and sight word recognition.

Scope and Sequence

In the Scope and Sequence section of the website, you will find a chart that lists phonics skills in a way that becomes progressively more challenging.