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Welcome to the Mt. Ayr Middle and High School school counseling website! This is a place for you to see what is happening in the school counseling department.

The 7-12 school counselor, Mrs. Rinehart, previously taught 7-12 special education and reading at Lenox Community Schools for five years and middle school special education at Mt. Ayr Schools for one year prior to accepting the 7-12 school counseling role at Mt. Ayr Community Schools for the 2019-20 school year. She also has the pleasure of coaching middle school girls basketball and middle school softball.

Mrs. Rinehart updates her website and calendar often to let you know the upcoming activities, scholarships, and school counselor calendar events as well as provide you other imperative information to help the students at Mt. Ayr Schools succeed socially, emotionally, and academically by communicating with the the students, parents, guardians, staff, community members, and other stakeholders of Mt. Ayr Community Schools.

To navigate this page, please click on the tab of the topic that will help best answer your questions, which is located in the upper right corner. As always, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Rinehart via email or phone using the information posted at the bottom of each page. Have a wonderful day!

Mrs. Tess Rinehart, 7-12 School Counselor


  • In partnership with families and community, Mount Ayr Community School District Guidance Department will provide a caring and creative environment where all students are encouraged to reach their full social, emotional, ethical, physical and intellectual potential through academic and extra curricular activities.


  • Mount Ayr Community School District Guidance Department strives to create excellence in education. We encourage our students to be responsible, respectful and productive citizens of the world. Our goal is to assist students in reaching their potential through developing their academic and personal/social skills.

We Believe

  • all people can learn.

  • each person has value and worth with unique needs and abilities.

  • the school community should model the characteristics of fairness, caring, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility and citizenship.

  • the school should provide the broadest educational opportunities possible to every student.

  • all patrons of the district should have high expectations and commitment to excellence in education.

  • students should be well prepared for the world in which they will be living and working.

  • for the education process to be successful, there needs to be a family, school, and community partnership.

  • the creative use of technology is essential to all students to enhance the learning process for their future.


  • To assist students in academic achievement, developing good attendance habits, and to treat themselves and others with dignity and respect.

  • To assist students in developing personal, academic, and career goals.

Watch this video to learn a little bit about my job as a 7-12 school counselor.