About Us

The Maurice River Township School District consists of one elementary school and is a sending district to the Millville School District for its high school students. The elementary school houses Pre-K through eighth grade with an enrollment of approximately 400 students and a faculty of 39 highly qualified professional staff members. Maurice River Township transports approximately 180 students to the Memorial and Senior High Schools in Millville.

The mission of the Maurice River Township School District is twofold. First, we are committed to helping each child to learn and to achieve success. Second, we strive to provide significant opportunities for learning suited to the age and abilities of the student by way of a challenging curriculum. The goals of our mission are to create an environment where all children are made to feel unique and special and where staff believes that all children can learn. This environment is promoted by high expectations of the staff for all pupils in a goal-oriented atmosphere with students’ success as its end.

Our philosophy is that “Everybody is special. We believe it and we live it.” The students and staff are told just how special they are every day. We provide a safe, caring, and nurturing environment for our students to learn and grow.

Mailing Address

3593 Route 47
Port Elizabeth, NJ 08348