Ohio Science Explorers

Finally...An elementary science currriculum developed for and aligned to Ohio Science Standards!!

Finding elementary science curricula that is directly aligned to Ohio’s Science Learning Standards is very challenging. Many published curricula say they are aligned to the Ohio standards but they still include topics and information that does not directly align. This leaves teachers to filter and make decisions

about what to teach and what not to teach!

Ohio Science Explorers has been developed by an Ohio science educator FOR Ohio teachers. All the lessons and activities in this curriculum are directly aligned to the Ohio grade level standards for science. There is no deciding what not to teach.

Curriculum Overview

Learn about the structure and make up of the Ohio Science Explorers curriculum.

Google Integration

Learn how the curriculum has been designed using the Google platform to integrate with Google Classroom or other LMS.

Key Components 

Explore the key components of the Ohio Science Explorers units and what they include.

Purchase Information

Learn how school districts can purchase and provide access to this Ohio aligned curriculum for your teachers.