Technology Resources

Considering a tool for your scholars? Check here first! A detailed listing of all approved digital resources for MPS with stated ages and restrictions is accessible here.

Digital resources and ideas for your content area are available here! Questions? Contact your C&I MEP Facilitator and course guides.

If you have a resource to share, please share using this form.

Consider a variety of ideas and applications to help digitize your classroom instruction and engage your students!

How did it all begin? Learn the history of digital devices in MPS and links to important One-to-One information.

Looking for how to access MS Office at home, tips for Interactive White Board (IWB), or other varied topics? Look here!

Google Workspace

Looking for anything Google? Drive, Classroom,'s all here!

Expand your horizons using Google Expedition and other manipulatives. Information for "How to" and check-out devices from the MPS Tech Department is here!

Quick informational resources can be found here to help teachers and/or parents navigate and problem-solve various tech resources.

Explore resources to promote engaging and effective teaching and learning tied to indicators in the Millard Instructional Model. All resources for remote learning may be found here, including TECH Talk resources.

Before using Facebook and/or Twitter, learn your professional responsibilities related to Social Media use in MPS.

Learn about Synergy, the Student Information System (SIS) and Grade Book program utilized by Millard Public Schools.

Examine the SAMR and TPack models as you develop lessons. Find archived resources created during the #TIME Fall Workshop sessions.

What better way to demonstrate your learning than through a earning a badge or certificate? Find a plethora of offerings on this page.

TECH Talks is an on-going professional learning opportunity rooted in conversation and collaboration. All learning resources are posted for reference and review.


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Links are live and many are controlled by organizations outside of Millard. Educators are asked to use professional discernment and follow Board Policy and Rule when using these resources.