Getting Started

Create an Account- (Video) Millard Student and Staff will use the Millard GAFE Account to create a NoodleTools account.

Accessing the Resource- (Video) Millard's Google Apps for Education domain is integrated with NoodleTools. There are three different ways to access your account. This resource describes the three methods.

Creating and working with a Project- (Video) NoodleTools allows students to create a Project with integrates all of the tools within it. This resource gives you all you need to know to create and share a project with teachers and other students.

Creating a Source Reference- NoodleTools gives the researcher support in creating accurate citations as they collect information for Projects. This resource provides instructions for completing this task.

Creating Notecards- Notecards help the researcher collect and organize information to be used within a Project. This resource shares information on creating and editing Notecards.

Creating an Outline- Outlines are created within NoodleTools to help the research organize the information within the Notecards. Students can drag and drop Notecards to create a structure for the information. This resource shows you how.

Advanced Users

Tutorials on NoodleTools- List of all Tutorials provided by NoodleTools