Welcome to the Sanford Media Center

The Sanford Media Center is here to help students foster a love of reading and information. Mr. Woolever, the Media Specialist, is here to help you find books that you will enjoy, info that will be useful, and to use technology in a wise and safe way.

The Media Center encourages reading for fun. Stop in to browse the shelves, or ask Mr. Woolever to reccommend a book. We are always looking for new titles to add to the collection. If you know a book you would like to see added to the Media Center, you can suggest it on this online form, or fill out a slip at the circulation desk.

The Media Center is also here to help you with your research and class projects. We can help you plan your research project, find accurate info, and share your info in many ways.


  • Monday - Friday 9:20 am - 4:30pm



  • Students may visit the media center anytime during the school day with a pass from a teacher.

  • Teachers may send up to 5 students during each class period.

  • Teachers bringing full classes need to sign up on the media center schedule