Welcome to the Mini-Mounties

Montclair's Public Pre-K Program 

Welcome to the Montclair Public Schools' Pre-K Program, the Mini-Mounties! The Mini-Mounties is a public preschool program funded by the NJ Preschool Expansion Grant, ensuring tuition is free for eligible families. This initiative is an exciting endeavor dedicated to delivering high-quality early education to the Montclair community. Our program extends beyond a single location, with classrooms in local providers throughout town. This expansion is a game-changer for families, ensuring that quality education is easily within reach.

At this time, we have partnered with four outstanding community providers to enhance the excellence of our Pre-K Program. This expansion is expected to continue as we actively seek more partners to join the journey, guaranteeing that every child in Montclair has the opportunity to commence their learning in the most accessible way possible.

Guided by a state approved curriculum, we go beyond traditional ABCs and 123s, prioritizing the cultivation of a love for learning through play.  At the Mini-Mounties, we are not merely introducing Pre-K to Montclair; we are infusing it with fun, excitement, and boundless possibilities.