Summer Learning


The following resources are available to students to extend their learning while away from school this summer. Click each button below to access the program/information.

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Technical Support

Note: i-Ready works best on a chromebook, laptop or desktop. It is not compatible with phones or Android tablets. If you are using an iPad, see the iPad section below.

When I click on i-Ready, why do I see a Google Sign in page?

We use single sign on for i-Ready. This means your student must be logged into their MPSD Google account to access iReady. Enter your students entire username ( and MPSD password. You will pass right into i-Ready.

Where can I find my student's username and password?

This quickstart guide will walk you through the steps to access your student's username and password.

We are using a family computer with multiple Google accounts in use, how can I make sure single sign on works for my student?

iPad Support

You can use i-Ready on an iPad (though iPad mini & iPhones are not supported) using iOs 14.1 or higher.

  • Install the i-Ready app.

  • Open Safari
    Even though you installed the i-Ready app, you will need to start in Safari as we use Single Sign On and students must be signed into Google first.

  • Click the i-Ready link above (

  • An Open this page in “i-Ready”? message appears, click Open.

  • When the Google sign on screen appears:

    • Enter student username

    • Enter student password
      Not sure what your student's username/password is, click here.

  • The i-Ready app will open and your student can start working. As long as they stay logged in, they can go directly to the i-Ready app after initial log in.