Seward Music

Kirsten Vezina

General and Vocal Music

About Music at Seward

In person, Kindergarten, E-1 & E-2 students attend one 55-minute music class each week. For distance learning, students attend one 45 minute music class each week.

In music, students learn best by doing. We sing, play instruments, and dance together. Our class activities lead students to greater skill as musicians. We learn to understand musical content through the arts processes of create, perform & respond in music.

Assumptions of Music

  • Humans have a fundamental need to express themselves through music.

  • Music is a complex integration of thinking, feeling and sharing.

  • Music is a viable way of thinking and knowing.

  • Music is grounded in culture.

  • Music is a vital means of communication.

  • Music provides symbolic representation of life.

from "Engaging Activities in the Arts--Music," Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards in the Arts.

About Miss Kirsten

I am so happy to continue my role as the general music and vocal music teacher at Seward! This is my 3rd year of teaching music at Seward. I teach general music to High Five, Kindergarten, E1, and E2 students. I teach elective choirs to E2 students and middle school students.

Prior to teaching at Seward, I went to St. Olaf College an received a B.M in Music Education in 2016. After finishing school, I lived in Guyana, South America for one year, teaching piano, violin, and general music.

My primary performing instrument is the string bass. Over the years, I've learned how to play many other instruments. Most recently, I've begun learning to play the accordion!

In my free time, I enjoy making music (of course!), playing softball, walking, and spending time with my family.

I would love to connect with you about how I can best serve your child, this school, and its community. Feel free to contact me to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your child in music class. The best way to reach me is by email at

Virtual Music Classroom Expectations

Links to Learning Platforms

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Google Classroom

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Music Standards & Curriculum

The State and National Standards are listed below. Both sets of standards work well together.

The MN State Standards are listed as:

  • Foundations

  • Create

  • Perform

  • Respond

For more information, you may use any of the following links

2014 National Standards

2008 MN Arts Standards - This is the current working version of the MN Standards in the Arts.

2018 MN Arts Standards - Draft 3