Our mission at The Movement Center is to create good people through excellent education in the performing arts.

The Movement Center offers excellent education in the performing arts for people of all ages and abilities, including those with physical, developmental, and socioeconomic challenges. Students perform in a wide variety of venues not only for their own training, but also to promote public awareness of The Movement Center.

Offering a diverse education in the performing arts (including dance, voice, acting, and music) and fitness classes, there is plenty to keep everyone moving! In order to maintain its high standard of quality instruction, The Movement Center employs professional performing arts instructors, fitness and movement experts, and other highly-trained individuals. 

TMC constantly works to ensure excellent instruction for its students by retaining skilled instructors and offering outstanding customer service. The Movement Center offers a supportive workplace environment and benefits for qualified employees. 

As a nonprofit community organization, The Movement Center relies on a strong volunteer base composed of parents and other members of the community for fund raising, special events, and other efforts.

It is our mission that drives us and our mission that we strive toward every day: to create good people through excellent education in the performing arts.

Your support helps TMC keep their best foot forward! All of the proceeds go towards performances and programing. Click to donate today!