Ballet Classes


Girls: Leotard, pink tights, pink canvas ballet shoes. Hair must always be in a proper ballet bun.

Boys: Athletic/dance pants, fitted t-shirt, black ballet shoes.

Pre-Ballet Level A | Ages 5-6

This is a fun introduction to ballet for the young dancer. Pre-Ballet introduces elements of dance, basic ballet positions and beginning vocabulary of classical ballet technique. Each class emphasizes development of body strength, coordination and the discipline necessary for the learning of classical ballet. Although we take our training seriously, we strive to create a nurturing, comfortable, and fun atmosphere in the classroom.

Ballet Level B | Ages 7+

For the beginning student, fundamentals of placement, basic positions and vocabulary of classical ballet technique are introduced. Each class will explore proper classical ballet technique through various barre exercises, stretches, center exercises, jumps, and traveling ballet steps. As students become more advanced with their classical ballet technique they will be able to move from level BB1 to BB2 then to BB3.

Ballet Level C (By Audition) | Ages 9+

Intermediate students will expand their understanding and vocabulary of classical ballet technique with more intricate combinations and new intermediate ballet steps as they increase and improve their grace, placement, alignment, coordination and musicality. Placement is by audition.

Ballet Level D (By Audition) | Ages 11+

Our most advanced classical ballet technique level is designed to polish the student’s technique, introduce difficult technical ballet skills, complicated combinations, and advance ballet choreography. These classes focus on alignment, fitness, style, virtuosity, and individual expression. In level D1 pointe work is introduced several times per week. Eventually student will transition to D2 with more intense pointe work. Students learn at their own pace based on individual readiness, fine tuning their art and performance ability of this classical tradition. When ready, students will receive pointe work; learn variations from great romantic and classical ballets such as La Bayadere, Paquita, and Swan Lake as well as exposure to neo-classical and contemporary ballets such as Firebird and Romeo and Juliet. Students who wish to pursue a professional classical ballet career have the opportunity to begin working one on one with their instructors to prepare for auditions, competitions and special performances. Included in the cost of the level D ballet tuition is a weekly bonus class. Students of the highest classical ballet level are required to take one elective technique class in another discipline such as; jazz, tap, and/or hip hop to encourage cross training at the advanced dance level. Optional add on classes, at a discounted package rate, is highly recommended for cross training to become a well rounded dancer or for pre-professional/colligate ambitions. Placement is for this level is by audition only.