Adult Classes

Ages Teen to Adults Welcome

Dress Code: We prefer proper dance attire, but athletic wear is acceptable. No street clothes/jeans. No mid-drift shirts. Tights must be worn with shorts.

If you have any questions regarding the Adult Dress Code please speak to your instructor.

Adult Ballet

Ballet for adults made fun while respecting the traditions of classical ballet. Beginning Ballet is for the beginning dancer, with no prior dance experience. Basic positions, placement and skills will be taught. HI-Beginning Ballet is for students who have a basic understanding of ballet technique. Intermediate Ballet is for students with a few years of ballet experience since more intricate combinations and ballet steps are introduced each class. There are several levels of Intermediate which gradually build in level throughout the week from low intermediate to high intermediate.

Shoes: Canvas ballet shoes

Adult Contemporary Dance

This class is open to adults with previous dance training at an intermediate level who are interested in continuing to dance as a form of fun fitness. It is primarily designed to prepare mature dancers to become members of Encore Dance Project and train them for rehearsals and performances. Each class fuses the director’s various dance training, technical background and influential roots in dance to create a personal movement style of Contemporary Dance all her own. The style blends classical ballet, jazz, and release-based modern dance technique with contemporary cultural trends an influences. Each exciting and dynamic class will explore movement to a variety of music and styles which will vary from week to week, session to session. Through a series of warm-up exercises, rhythm sequences, floor work, across the floor patterns, and complex dance combinations dancers focus on improving their performance skills and celebrating the joy of dance at any age in every class.

Adult Hip Hop

Hip-hop dance includes a wide range of styles notably breaking, locking, and popping, as well as newer dance industry trends in particular response with studio/commercial hip-hop, sometimes called L.A. styles and Jazz Funk. What separates hip-hop dance from other forms of dance is that it is often freestyle (improvisational) in nature. Each high energy and fun class consists of the basic steps, vocabulary, and variations of the dance form with unique moves, fancy footwork, and floorwork. Through warm-up exercises and dance routines students gain strength, endurance, coordination, musicality and self confidence. This class aims to introduce the hip hop dance culture to students in a fun and appropriate manner.

Adult Jazz

Jazz classes combine traditional jazz styles such as Giordano, Fosse, Swing and Broadway with the ever changing styles and trends of contemporary popular culture. Each fun and challenging class consists of the basic steps, vocabulary, and variations of the dance form with unique moves, rhythmic patterns and variations, body isolations, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns.

Shoes: Jazz shoes

Adult Modern Dance Technique (Currently NOT offered)

Distinct from ballet, jazz, and even contemporary, modern dance is a unique blend of technique and individuality. The class is designed to give students an overall understanding of modern dance, drawing from Horton, Nikolais/Louis, Graham, and release techniques. An excellent counterpart to ballet, modern dance builds additional coordination, flexibility, and strength. This class is open to intermediate/advance students with ballet or jazz training. This class is open to all Level D ballet students.

Adult Tap

Tap classes fuse the classical American tap styles evoking images of top hats and canes with the ever changing influences of contemporary popular culture. Each exciting and dynamic class will explore rhythm sounds made by movement to develop musical timing. Through a series of warm-up exercises, rhythm sequences, across the floor patterns, various tap combinations and dance routines dancers focus on the development of a sharpened sense of rhythm, rhythmic variations, coordination, performance skills and clarity of sounds incorporated into every class.

Shoes: Tap shoes

Fit Wahine

Women face many challenges as they go through different phases in their lives such as maintaining good posture and balance, fighting incontinence, and building strength and energy. "Becoming a Fit Wahine Forever" addresses these areas through specific core strengthening exercises based on rhythmic gymnastics techniques. This class will address these specific women's issues in fun, supportive, and lively musical environment.