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One of the main goals of our library is to support and engage the Mosman Prep community in a culture of reading that extends beyond the classroom. Students are encouraged to see reading as central not only to the learning they are doing at school, but as an integral habit that will ensure their understanding of the world.

Online Activities

Visit these websites for information on author talks, workshops and online resources during the school holidays!


Spending some time with a book, either reading or listening to an audio book, is a great way to relax and experience something new while we are on holidays.

Our online library, ePlatform, has thousands of books to choose from and you can access it on your iPad!

ePlatform Mosman Prep

ePlatform Mosman Prep



  • Select Mosman Prep as your school.

  • Log in with your school gmail address and password

  • Books can be borrowed to read or listen to, for 2 weeks and are then returned.

  • Two books can be borrowed at one time.

  • The headphones show that this is an audio book only

  • Books that are faded show that someone has this book out on loan.

  • You can reserve the book and will be emailed when the book is available.

  • By browsing the Library, you can set parameters on the left hand side menu.

ePlatform Mosman Prep

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ePlatform Mosman Prep