Welcome to the Mont Marin/San Rafael Park Neighborhood Association!

Who Are We?

Mont Marin San Rafael Park is a community of approximately 550 homes located in Northern San Rafael, CA between Terra Linda and Marinwood.

Our goal as a Neighborhood Association is to build community by hosting annual events, providing effective communication between community members and local municipalities and promoting safety and community watch.

Mont Marin/San Rafael Park Neighborhood Association covers about 550 homes:

  • The "oaks" - Canyon Oak, Coast Oak, Tan Oak, etc

  • The "hills" - Cedar Hill, Cherry Hill, Twelveoak Hill, etc

  • Homes on Lucas Park

  • Homes on Santiago and streets off of Santiago

  • Homes on Skyview and streets off of Skyview

  • Homes on Montevideo and Park Ridge

  • The "Cortes" - Corte La Paz, Corte Santiago, etc

  • Homes on Las Gallinas between Lucas Valley Road and Las Colindas​

Our Community

Visit our community resources page to find contact information on recreation, city and county resources.

Visit the events and news pages to read about current news, issues and projects for our neighborhood association.

Visit photos, stories, and history pages to learn about the history of our neighborhood association.

Connect & Stay Informed

For news and information, please FOLLOW and LIKE us on Facebook. You can find us under the name Mont Marin/San Rafael Park Neighborhood Assoc. Our Facebook page will keep you informed about our neighborhood association's events and activities. ​

Please join our NextDoor group to know what's happening in our community.

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Dues & Donations

Through PayPal by sending to MMSRP_Admin@montmarin.org

Or by mail to

Mont Marin/San Rafael Park Neighborhood Association

PO Box 6662

San Rafael, CA 94903