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Why do we experience consciousness during awake periods but not deep sleep? During wakefulness, why do we experience a particular conscious experience, such as vision, audition, and so on? When I experience a blue ball, do I experience it in the same way as the other people? What about animals? Plants? Or artificial intelligence?

These fascinating fundamental questions used to be targets of philosophical speculation. Now, they are beginning to be empirically investigated by scientists. At Monash Neuroscience of Consciousness, we address these questions using a multitude of interdisciplinary methods, aiming to eventually uncover the link between consciousness and its physical substrate.

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Our latest research:

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Our current projects focus on:

1) Understanding the boundary between conscious and nonconscious processing,

2) Clarifying the relationships between consciousness and associated psychological processes, and

3) Testing the quantitative theories of consciousness.

4) Big data analysis on loss of consciousness,

5) Massive report paradigms to characterise the structure of conscious experience, and

6) Discovering a structural mapping between consciousness and information

Latest News

23 Mar 2021 - Thomas & Teigan's paper got accepted by Nat Commun! Congrats!

27 Feb 2021 - Yota & Ranee's paper got accepted by PLoS ONE! Congrats!

19 Jan 2021 - 🪰 Angus' paper got accepted by PLoS Comp Biol! Congrats! (Check the video abstract on the right side.)

10 Nov 2020 - Matt's paper got accepted by eLife! Congrats!

8 Oct 2020 - Elise's paper got accepted by Front Syst Neurosci! Congrats!

16 Jun 2020 - 🔥 Congratulations to Nao on the promotion to Professor at Monash University!

3 May 2020 - 🧮 William's paper got accepted by MethodsX! Congrats!

15 Apr 2020 - 👁️ Regan's paper got accepted by iPerception and ranked the top 20 most read articles in the journal! Congrats!