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Qualitative feedback excerpts
from students

The following question was asked of students in University-wide evaluations of subjects and teaching in Semester 1, 2020 at La Trobe University. Excerpts are restricted to video material exclusively prepared using the Lightboard studios.

What online experiences have worked well and should be continued?

Help videos are making it much easier to understand the content.

It was great having so much interaction with teachers online and felt like we still had classes. The presentations of the videos were great as we could see [the lecturer] rather than just hear a voice.

Russell's lectures, using the light board and demonstrations are very cool and helpful in my understanding. Having access to these videos all the time is a life saver.

Russ's light board/demos was great for online studies, the [live streams from the lightboard studio] were great.

The lectures and workshops were great due to the very good use of lightboard technology.

The online lectures are well structured with the light board and can be watched at any later date.

If the light board videos are new I would like them to continue and even increase.

Lecturer’s use of demonstrations over Zoom meetings and interesting videos is something that should be continued. It keeps me engaged and forces me to want to listen to what they have to say completely eliminating the chance of me possibly zoning out.

The way the lectures were recorded was extremely beneficial, instead of just sitting there and listening to a voice. Seeing the lecturer and the slides made the lectures much more engaging.

Have your students provided any feedback on videos made using the Lightboard?

Students in our unit feedback overwhelmingly loved the lightboard lab introduction videos. They particularly liked the use of equations and annotations by drawing right on the screen.

A common comment was that the technology is like something that they would see on YouTube and they don't expect it at La Trobe.

Students are impressed by the professionalism of the productions, and appreciate the feeling of connection with their lecturer even while studying online.

Students have acknowledged that they felt more immersed in the presentation where the presenter is not only recounting examples supporting the information presented but also by demonstration.