The Missouri Lodge of Research welcomes you. The Brethren who form the Missouri Lodge of Research come from all walks of life and are united by a love of learning about and preserving the history of our great Fraternity. Some of the greatest Masonic scholars in the United States of America have been members of the Missouri Lodge of Research. We invite you to join us in this great undertaking.

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It is Time to Cross the Rubicon & Battle our 20th Century Ruffians" 

Robert G. Davis is a native of northwest Oklahoma. He was initiated, passed, and raised in his father’s Lodge in 1969. After earning a Master’s Degree in Economics at Oklahoma State University, he spent 14 years in the City Planning and City Management profession. In 1986, he was invited to become the Executive Secretary of the Guthrie Scottish Rite Bodies in Guthrie, where he served for 30 years, retiring in 2016. He is the author of four books, including: The Mason’s Words, outlining the history and evolution of the American Masonic ritual; Understanding Manhood in America, focusing on the fraternal quest for the ideals of masculinity; The Journey of the Elu to Enlightenment, providing a contemporary interpretation of the degrees of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite; and In Search of Light, a course of hieroglyphic and symbolic moral instruction for the Symbolic Lodge. He and his wife, Sharon, have two daughters and five grandchildren.

You must Register and Pay for Tickets for the Fall 2024 Truman Series Lecture in advance, no later than July 31st, if you want to attend this event. Please visit the following Link to book your tickets for the event. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/202nd-annual-communication-grand-lodge-of-missouri-af-am-tickets-912266352217



The Evolution of the Masonic Apron in America, 1740 to the Present

W.B. Patrick Craddock is a noted expert on Masonic aprons and regalia. He has earned a Master of Arts degree and a Master of Philosophy in history degree and is a contributing author to Encyclopedia of Tennessee History, C.Van West, ed., He is a past curator of exhibits at the Carter House Museum in Franklin, TN. W.B. Craddock was Initiated, Passed, and Raised in O.D.Smith Lodge No. 33, Oxford, Mississippi, and is a Charter Member and Past Master of Conlegium Ritus Austeri No. 779, Nashville. Additionally, he is the owner of The Craftsman’s Apron (www.craftsmansapron.com), manufacturer and provider of one of the highest quality Masonic regalia available today. Brother Craddock will address the Brethren on the subject of the Masonic apron and how it has changed over the last 250 years. The presentation features many images of historic American aprons.



While we refer to this great fraternity as an art and a craft, we should explore the importance of our regalia, and other ephemera. Taking care to ensure the quality of all of the accoutrements of the craft has far reaching effects, both in our pride as members and in our value to the outside world. More than simple dressing to identify membership, these things have deeper motivations and may tell us a great deal about who we are and where we may be going. 

The Civility Mosaic


The Missouri Lodge of Research Fall 2022 Truman Lecture was delivered by MWB Russ Charvonia. MWB Russ Charvonia’s The Civility Mosaic, written with Michael Ashley, is a 21st Century treatise on restoring civility as a matter of our survival. As past Grand Master of Masons in California, Charvonia provides readers with a first-of-its-kind, insider look at Freemasonry and how the practical application of its underlying ethos of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth can help us rise above the world’s bickering and violence to create a more compassionate, more humane, and more civil society. 

Civility, as we see it, isn’t simply about playing nice. It’s about giving people the resources to have rational and productive discussions about hard subjects. It’s also about finding ways to work more productively with all of our brothers and sisters for the greater good of society.

In these dark and turbulent times of discord, The Civility Mosaic urges us not to abdicate our human duty. It’s our hope that it encourages every reader to be the proverbial stone dropped into the placid waters of complacency, allowing our actions to be ripples of change, spreading to far shores.


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If you missed Fall 2020 Truman Lecture, you can check out James R. Morgan, III book: The Lost Empire: Black Freemasonry in the Old West (1867-1906) and you can now watch the presentation on YouTube.