Online Enrollment and Registration

Welcome to the Mokena School District 159 Enrollment and Registration information site!  This site contains all the information you need to enroll your student into Mokena School District 159 as well as complete online registration.  Please follow the links below which best describe your needs.

Enrollment is the process of joining the school district.  This is done when signing up for Pre-K and Kindergarten, transferring in from another school district, or transferring in from homeschooling. This process only needs to be completed once over the course of a student's time in the district. If your student is promoted between buildings (3rd to 4th grade, 5th to 6th grade), you do not need to reenroll.

Online Registration is the process of verifying student information from school year to school year.  Online Registration is also the time to sign up for transportation, sign annual forms and sign up for classes.  This process must be completed for EVERY STUDENT EVERY YEAR