Welcome to the volunteer program of MoKan Greyhound Adoption. We look forward to having you join our group of Greyhound owning and/or loving people dedicated to spreading the word about Greyhounds as pets and helping them find loving and responsible homes. Outlined in this manual are the general policies and procedures of MoKan Greyhound Adoption as they pertain to the volunteer program. Additional information as well as changes to policies and procedures will be distributed as necessary.

It is our privilege to work with you and for you, as you volunteer with us. Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact a board member at 816-278-9430 ext. 105 or by e-mail at board@mokangreyhounds.org.

As a volunteer you are our most important asset and we can’t stress enough how much we appreciate all you do for MoKan Greyhound Adoption and the Greyhounds we serve.

Thank you for sharing your time with MoKan Greyhound Adoption and our precious pups.

Our History

MoKan Greyhound Adoption was started in the summer of 2004 by a group of people that had been working as a “Friends of” program, as a chapter of Greyhound Pets of America. In March of 2010, our chapter left Greyhound Pets of America and changed our organization name to MoKan Greyhound Adoption. As of June of 2021, MoKan Greyhound Adoption had placed over 700 Greyhounds in loving homes. Our chapter is an all volunteer and all foster program that relies on great people like you to make it a success.

Become a Volunteer

As an all volunteer organization, we are always looking for volunteer help. Volunteering with MoKan Greyhound Adoption gives you the opportunity to educate the public about Greyhounds as pets, help match Greyhounds with loving adopters, get to know other animal lovers like yourself, give back to the community, have fun while building your resume, and gain leadership experience and a sense of personal achievement. Please take a moment to complete the volunteer questionnaire so that we may utilize your skills and interests in the most effective and beneficial way.

Our Position

Our program is primarily interested in the welfare of the Greyhound. We are not animal activists. We are not an animal rights organization. If we see even one Greyhound being mistreated or abused, we will take appropriate action. We do not lobby, march, or picket against anything. We would consider time spent in lobbying, marching or picketing to be counterproductive to our stated purposes.

We should let the general public know that we are primarily a Greyhound placement organization. We are an organization that tries to remain "upbeat" to help attract adopters who want a Greyhound to be a member of their family. We are an organization that dwells on the "pet-ability" and the availability of our Greyhounds.