7th Grade Math Homepage


Learning mathematics is a challenge that I cannot wait to tackle this year with the Class of 2024! Our goal as a community here at Mohawk is to work together as a team to achieve success for each and every one of our students. This year is going to be a journey of learning to work through struggles and persevere in solving problems!

The Units of Study for 7th Grade

Shapes and Designs- Two-Dimensional Geometry

Accentuate the Negative- Integers and Rational Numbers

Stretching and Shrinking- Understanding Similarity

Comparing and Scaling- Ratios, Rates, Percents, and Proportions

Moving Straight Ahead- Linear Relationships

What Do You Expect?- Probability and Expected Value

Filling and Wrapping- Three-Dimensional Measurement

Samples and Populations- Making Comparisons and Predictions