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2 November 2022 | About DMA and Nov/Dec Holidays

Dear Parents and Students,

The DMA profile in your PLDs will be switched to holiday profile from 02 November 2022 to 02 January 2023 (subjected to change).


1 September 2022 | About DMA and September Holidays

Dear Parents and Students

For this 1 week school holidays, we have decided not to switch the PLDs to holiday profile. As this is a short one week break leading up to the final year examinations, we hope you can take this time to focus on your revision for the exams.

If you have any concerns, please write in to any of the DMA administrators. Thank you.

22 April 2022 | Distribution of Computer Mouse for PLD

Dear Sec 1 parents/guardians,

  1. The computer mouse will be given to your child/ward today. If he or she is absent, please collect from the Form Teacher another day.

  2. Regarding new DMA change requests, please submit by the 15th of every month. If it falls on a weekend, then the Monday after the weekend. This shall be the monthly cutoff date for new DMA changes. New DMA option will only take effect at the end of the same month.

  3. Please see the DMA administrators tab for email addresses. We can only accept emails from parents for the DMA change. Hence, we will reject if your child convey the change to us.

Thank you for your understanding!

Have a good Friday and weekend!

6 April 2022 | DMA parent portal is ready for Sec 1 parents

Dear Sec 1 parents/guardians,

This is regarding your child's/ward's PLD device.

please note your choice of DMA has taken effect from today 6 April 2022.
If you are a default or option A user, please check your email inbox/spam box (parent's email) for an important email from Mobile Guardian. You should then create an account to log into Mobile Guardian.
Option B user will not have any DMA account with Mobile Guardian.

Parents who would like to request for change of DMA is to submit your request to the DMA administrators. The cutoff date for switch of DMA option for this month is 15 April. All requests will then be processed on 18 April and new DMA option will take effect by 30 April.

Please see the official PLD initiative website (this website) for more information e.g. videos and step by step guides to use Mobile Guardian as a cyber wellness tool for your child.

Thank you!

28 March 2022 | Sec 1 DMA option and late delivery of computer mouse

DMA Option:

Please note point 6 in the earlier announcement:

Regarding DMA, all devices will be placed under default DMA first. Between 28 March to 11 April, we will proceed to upload parents' choice of DMA (remain as default or switch to option A/B). Parents who did not indicate any DMA option during the last announcement will automatically be given the Default Option.

Computer Mouse:

Due to shipment delay, Acer is unable to provide the computer mouse.

The mouse will be given to your child only in May-July.

We will announce again in this website.

Announcement in PG on 23 March 2022

Dear Parent/Guardian

Your child/ward will be collecting his/her Personal Learning Device (PLD-Chromebook) this Friday, 25 March.


Venues: In their respective Sec1 classroom

Date/Day: 25 March 2022, Friday

Sec 1ABCD – 230pm to 4pm

Sec 1EFGH – 4pm to 530pm

Points to note:

1) CCA teachers will excuse the child from CCA only during the timeslot above. Students must still report to CCA outside these timings.

2) Parents who indicated they wish to collect PLD on their own, must go down to Acer service centre from 1st April to collect. More details have already been sent in a personal email to you. Please check your inbox.

3) Almost all students will be collecting the PLD with their classmates on Friday. They will be given a shopping bag to keep the entire Acer box. The box must be kept for 7 days for 1-1 exchange if device is faulty. Throw the box only on 1 April onwards if there are no issues.

4) We will ensure students who are not in school on Friday due to MC/VR to collect their PLD when they are back to school.

This group of students will need to stay back after school to set up the device. (7 days 1-1 exchange only starts when the device is unboxed).

5) Sec 1s should start to bring their PLD to school from 28 March onwards. Please help remind your child to take care of their PLDs (eg. not to leave their PLDs in the public transport).

6) Regarding DMA, all devices will be placed under default DMA first. Between 28 March to 11 April, we will proceed to upload parents' choice of DMA (remain as default or switch to option A/B). Parents who did not indicate any DMA option during the last announcement will automatically be given the Default Option.

7) The lockers in the classroom are meant to safekeep their PLD. Please purchase a numeric lock (compulsory to be numeric) from the school bookshop at $4.60 (4-digit lock) if you do not have one.

8) PLD should be fully charged at home and brought to school daily on a normal school day. We encourage all students to personalise the PLD to easily identify the device and also use the laptop bag given or a protective sleeve to protect the device.

9) In term 3, secondary 1s will go through homebased-learning (HBL) (5 allocated days whereby student stays at home to do e-learning) and student-initiated learning (SIL) (whereby student carries out activity of their choice).

10) More information on PLD and the use of PLD will be updated in the link below.

www.tinyurl.com/wssspdlp (this is the website!)

Thank you!

Announcement on 16 March 2022

Collection of PLD in school (by students only) on 25 March 2022, Friday.

Students will be excused from any CCA activity and attend the following sessions to set up, then bring home their PLDs.

Wed 25 March

Sec 1A,1B,1C, 1D: 2.30pm to 4pm

Sec 1E, 1F, 1G, 1H: 4pm to 5.30pm

Announcement on 25 Feb 2022

An announcement has been sent to all Sec 1 parents via PG.

We are requesting for your choice of DMA option for your child's PLD during after-school hours.

Choose one out of 3 options

  1. Default option: Restrictions after school follows the school hours settings (no change) – Highest restrictions. Objectionable websites are blocked.

  2. Option A: Flexibility in setting additional/less restrictions inside DMA for after school use.

  3. Option B : No DMA after school hours by signing in with a personal Gmail account – No restrictions and no blocking of objectional websites.

You can click this link to watch the video for more explanation.

Thank you!

Announcement on 23 Jan 2022

An announcement has been sent to all Secondary 1 2022 parents regarding the purchase of the child's Personal Learning Device (PLD). The follow up action to be taken by all Sec 1 parents by 28 Jan is to submit the PLD Form at https://go.gov.sg/pdlpadmin.

Announcement on 6 Jan 2022

Holiday profile has been switched off since 4 Jan 2022.

The Chromebook will now be in School Study Hours profile during school hours, and after school hours, it should function according to your choice of DMA option (Option A, B or default option).

Announcement on 28 Dec 2021

Students are to ensure that they have onboarded their Student Zoom account successfully.

Please refer to this video for the steps.

Student Zoom Onboarding Guide Dec 2021.mp4

Announcement on 31 Oct 2021

All students' PLD will go into School Holiday Profile from 1 Nov 2021 to 2 Jan 2022.

Thank you.

Announcement on 19 Oct 2021

1) From 2022, all students must only use a combination/numeric padlock to lock their lockers in the classroom.

The numeric padlock will be included in 2022 Sec 1 booklist and can be purchased direct from the school bookshop.

2) To change DMA option, only parents can write in to request. Please submit request to liew_geok_may_sherry@moe.edu.sg. The next change will take effect only at end of the month, 31 Oct.

Thank you!

Announcement on 18 October 2021

Default & Option A Users to activate your Parent DMA account in MG Portal

Dear Parent/Guardian

The DMA Portal for parents is ready for Default and option A users. You can now check your personal email inbox for an activation email from Mobile Guardian (MG). If the activation e-mail is not found in your Inbox, please check the ‘Junk Folder’ or ‘Spam Folder’. To create an account with MG, please follow the steps shown in the Onboarding Video (link below).

Learning how to use the DMA Parent portal is important for Default and Option A parents to monitor use or to manage the DMA for after-school hours. Please click the link below to watch a video guide. We hope you will find the video useful.

*Note: Please set a 12 character password with at least 1 uppercase and 1 special symbol.

For option B users, you will not receive any activation email. Please click on the “Browse as Guest” at the bottom on the login page of the Chromebook and sign in with any personal Google email address. Only then you will have full control of the device.

Should you need clarifications, please contact Mdm Sherry Liew at liew_geok_may_sherry@moe.edu.sg.


1.05 Card Layout

3.00 Web Filter Reports

4.00 Web Filter Options

14:10 Youtube Filter

17:40 URL Tester

18:36 Important points about web filter.

22:25 Install apps and chrome extensions

23:21 Disable device

24:30 Adjust sleep hours

27:50 Last pointers

Announcement on 02 Oct 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians

Thank you for joining us this morning. Below is the link to the PPT slides shared regarding DMA Parent Portal.

For default and option A users,

Please wait for my message via Parent Gateway before you check your (parent's email) inbox for the Mobile Guardian's notification email. It will be sent nearer 18 Oct.

For option A users only,

another video guide, part 2, will be available from 22 Oct and will be uploaded here.

For option B users only, please read slide 11 of the PPT slides below.

Workshop on DMA Parent Portal through Zoom (2 Oct).pdf

PPT Slides used in the briefing on 2 Oct

Video guide (Part 1) for default and option A users

Announcement on 24 Sept

From 30 Sept until 24 Oct, we will put on hold requests to change DMA option to facilitate switchover to the new DMA settings on 18 Oct.

Hence last day to request for change of DMA option is on 30 Sept. After which, we will allow request to change DMA on a monthly basis, starting 25 Oct.

Thank you.

Update on DMA Parent Portal on 22 Sept

This message has been sent through Parent Gateway on 22 Sept 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As communicated, your child’s/ward’s PLD has been installed with DMA to ensure that he/she uses the PLD for learning in a safer digital learning environment.

In February this year, you have provided us your option for DMA and 1 parent’s email address. Please read below for more details for each option.


1) Our school-prescribed school hours is 6am to 6pm on weekdays.

2) After-school hours is 6pm to 11pm on weekdays and 6am to 11pm on weekends.

If you have chosen the Default Option,

The DMA Parent Portal will be available from 18 Oct 2021 to allow you to monitor your child’s/ward’s PLD activities after-school hours. At 11pm, device will go to sleep mode.

If you have chosen Option A,

In addition to Default Option above, parents using option A can download apps to be used after school hours and adjust the sleep hours.

If you have chosen Option B,

Starting from 18 Oct 2021, for after-school hours, you can disable the DMA on the PLD. The device will also not go to sleep mode.

Refer to the guides for each option.

Another PG message will be sent nearer 18 Oct to remind only the Default and Option A users to check your email inbox for an activation email. Option B users will not receive any activation email.

During school hours, school’s DMA settings will take effect. Learning how to use the DMA Parent portal is important for Default and Option A parents to monitor use or to manage the DMA for after-school hours. Our school has scheduled a zoom session to guide you on the use of the DMA Parent Portal. Kindly add this to your calendar:

Day/time: 2 Oct, 10 am (Estimated 1h)

Meeting ID and Passcode: For WSSS Parents only. Please check on Parent Gateway

Please rename yourselves to your child/ward’s class and name. (E.g. 2A_Kenny) and remember to switch on your video and mute your microphone.

Should you need clarifications, please contact me at liew_geok_may_sherry@moe.edu.sg.

If you have forgotten which option you have chosen, you can check with me too.

Thank you.

From Mdm Sherry Liew

Guides for each option are share below.

DMA Parent Guide v2.0 - Default Option.pdf

Default Option

DMA Parent Guide v2.0 - Option A.pdf

Option A

DMA Parent Guide v2.0 - Option B.pdf

Option B

Master the skills to handle your Chromebook!

8. Meet Your Lenovo 500e 2nd Gen.pdf