Home-Based Learning (HBL) Days

St. Margaret's Secondary School

Blended Learning and Home-based Learning (HBL)

At the start of 2021, the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced that HBL will become a part of our schooling experience. All secondary schools will have 1 HBL day every fortnight by end 2022.

Blended Learning (BL), which refers to learning experiences that encompass days when students learn in school and days when they learn at home, is becoming an important part of school life. It is part of MOE’s efforts to further develop our students’ ability to be self-directed, passionate and lifelong learners.

This year, we will be introducing fortnightly HBL days to all Sec 1 to 3 classes, beginning with Sec 2 classes in Term 1, and Sec 1 and 3 classes in Term 2.

HBL is becoming a regular part of school-life. What can a HBL Day look like?

This video provides a glimpse into what a typical HBL Day could look like for your child.