Your gateway to the EU market

Your partner of choice to help you succeed in Hungary/EU

Our strength is anchored to working directly with startups, SMEs and clusters throughout Central and Eastern Europe; thus, making us your ideal partner. We are committed to working directly with our clients until the project is completed.

If you are running a Green Technology company in Canada, it is worthwhile exploring the opportunities being offered by the EU.

1. Strategic and Operational Advice

Interested in setting up or expanding your operations, create strategic alliances, or tapping into business opportunities for continued growth.

2. Financial and Tax Programs

We inform you of government programs and the various financial and tax incentives intended for foreign businesses investing in Hungary and assist you in identifying available funding for your type of project.

3. Keep abreast of Horizon 2020 R&D projects and EU programs

We continuously monitor Horizon 2020 and EU programs which is crucial for Green Technology Companies.

4. Industry Expertise

We provide you with strategic advice and first-hand information on all of Hungary's industrial sectors thanks to ArchEnerg's expertise on the region’s clusters.

5. Network Access

We optimize our close relationships with the government, municipal partners, business and financial networks, universities, and training and research centres to your goals and operations.