ArchEnerg Renewable Energy Cluster

ArchEnerg is a preferred partner of the HCCC. ArchEnerg Cluster, International Innovative Cluster for Renewable Energy and Building Trade, was established in 2007 to promote Green Technologies with the objective of trying to get the economy to move toward renewable energy sources and energy efficiency through the promotion of environmental companies with suitable technologies, to lead to a more sustainable future.

Based in Szeged, Southern Hungary near the Serbian, Romanian and Croatian boarder. It is the third largest city in Hungary, two hours from Budapest, the capital of Hungary. It is made up of 70 companies employing over 3000 people with a combined total revenue of over 500 million euros.

ArchEnerg is a „Gold Accredited Cluster”, an „Accredited Innovation Cluster” and part of the EU Cluster Partnerships program, within this organisation there are only 81 Gold Accredited Clusters out of 886 organisations. Through this network ArchEnerg has access to a developed cluster network throughout Europe. One of ArchEnerg’s principle activities is project generation. This means they establish collaborations amongst clusters, universities and companies to create consortiums as required by the EU for I&R&D projects. This puts ArchEnerg in an ideal position to know first hand about EU projects for R&D&I including infrastructure projects.

Focus areas include:

• • Renewable energy

• • Building Industry

• • Environmental Protection

• • Green Technologies

• • Project management, training and research

ArchEnerg through regional clusters can help to facilitate knowledge exchanges to increase awareness of your product and its benefits to the environment. Having access to many local networks helps to rapidly Increase your global presence helping to accelerate your business growth and value.

If you are interested in the EU market and are interested in penetrating the market, please contact us for more information to explore how ArchEnerg can assist you.