MLTI 2.0 (Maine Learning Technology Initiative) invites educators and students to start a S.L.A.M. (Student Leadership Ambassadors of Maine) club in their school. A free, interactive, student leadership opportunity where SLAM groups will virtually join the community of 'SLAMmers' across the state. During these events, students will learn presentation and technology skills using online tools for creative products. 

To register your school for a S.L.A.M. club please complete this form.

SLAM Show Presentation at the 2023 ISTE Conference

MLTI 2.0 is promoting SLAM clubs for schools across Maine. MLTI will provide participating groups equipment to support them joining the live show and making their own presentations. There are weekly opportunities for students to win prizes and earn technology tools, like microphones, webcams, 3D printers and more! 

We hope you will consider starting a SLAM club at your school or you will forward this to someone in your school who might be interested. This initiative is guided by Kern Kelley, with his trailblazing students, who have been national leaders in student agency.