Our Team

Meet the Leadership

(They have built a specific service offering)

Atif Mir

Founder & Solution Architect

Garry Wood

Project Management

Kathy Morris

Human Capital Management

Peter Rebhan

Outsourcing Advisory

John Malzahn

Cloud Strategy

Tanya Vittitow

Business Development

Joe Allen

Human Resources

Meet the Domain Experts

(They can provide guidance in their specific area of expertise)

Holly Lambert

Service Delivery

George Dodson

ITIL Trainer

Irfan Siddiqui

IT Security & Compliance

Sarfraz Taj

Call Center Managementwww.linkedin.com/in/sarfraztaj/

Ann Fiorelli

Market Intelligence

Keith Bromley

Unified Communication

David Raucher

Technology Ops

Stephen Berge

Project Manager

John Thompson

Enterprise Performance Management

Brad Smith

Corporate Communication

John Thompson

Enterprise Performance Management

Bill Barnes

Process Improvement

Meet the Advisory Board

(They strategically guide us)