Frequently Asked Questions

What does MirGroup do?

MirGroup has three business units and a global footprint. The three business units are: Transition & Outplacement Services (TOS) Global Professional Services (GPS), and Global Venture Incubation (GVI)

Transition & Outplacement Services (TOS) is a people (as opposed to profit) driven business that is established to assist job seekers with developing their capabilities and becoming more marketable. A candidate makes a Make-a-Difference, or MAD, proposal, that documents their interest and value proposition (s)he can provide to MirGroup and to themselves. This is a great opportunity for a candidate to make small commitments to themselves in-line with their career aspirations. The commitments range from writing whitepapers, to teaching others on how to be a successful Project Manager. It all depends upon the candidates aspirations. Sometimes candidates get confused when given this option by MirGroup because they are used to being provided with a job description and being asked if they qualify and how. We, at MirGroup strongly believe in creating value and building candidates to fit their true calling. We believe many super-stars are just waiting to be supported in their creativity and given a chance to live up to their dreams. By making a candidate document a MAD proposal that truly interests the candidate, and supporting him/her through the delivery, we expect to create a super-star. In worst case scenario, the candidates learn of their capabilities, and get the right to say they tried their concept. Which really is a very marketable fact in itself. In best case, they succeed tremendously, and hopefully help others as others move through the same phases.

Global Professional Services (GPS) is a new trend visible in the marketplace and MirGroup wants to be an early adopter. As you may have noticed, large companies prefer to work with large Professional Services (PS) organizations. However, Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB) tend to choose independent contactors. SMB do this because it provides the most “bang for the buck”. We feel that the large companies choose large PS organizations for ease of engagement due to coordinated and consistent services rendered. There is a single billing system, selection of resources is left up to the PS organization, there is a single delivery methodology, and a single point of contact and ownership. If things don’t go well, the responsibility lies at one point. However, the cost is usually high compared to getting a bunch of independent contactors. This additional cost buys a large organization reduced delivery risk.

An SMB prefers independent contractors mostly due to reduced costs. Since SMB require much less resources, the associated coordination risk is lower as well.

Under GPS business unit, MirGroup combines the best of both worlds and reduces the risk associated with hiring multiple independent contractors. MirGroup takes ownership of delivery, which creates a single point of contact for the customer. We deliver services using a single approach for sales, contracting, delivery, and billing. This provides the customer with the same experience as if they were dealing with a large Tier 1 global consulting organization. At the same time, we use a global base of independent contractors that have been fully vetted and trained in a single business approach. Since we do not carry the business overhead associated with a large global firm, we provide competitively priced, yet same, or even higher quality work, as the global professional services organizations do.

Global Venture Incubation(GVI) is a relatively new service that has been formed purely due to demand. However it is a natural progression of our business model. Essentially we have had some candidates who started in the Global Interim Consulting (GIC) business, and as their business ideas improved, they wanted to start a new venture. This may happen for multiple reasons, including personal interest, the type of product or service being offered, etc. For example, one GIC candidate wanted to look at replacing capital heavy phone systems at the hotels, with a VOIP system, that was priced based on occupancy. This model reduces a hotels Capital expenditures and made their telecom expenses a variable cost associated with hotel occupancy. This is a very attractive model especially for hotels with wide swings in occupancy rates. We pulled a team together from within the IC business to conduct a few deep discussions about the venture and helped build a team that included sales, delivery, operations, and finance resources to clarify, document and deliver on the business venture. Since then, others, who started in the IC ranks have started building their business ideas that they have had for a while but never had enough support, or guts, to live the American Dream. With MirGroup’s support they now have the ability to tap into different types of skills and resources to help them succeed.

What are you looking for?

We have short-, medium-, and long-term direction. First, we need to get the word out. Currently, word-of-mouth has brought in most business and resources. We need to build an online and off-line presence and more importantly, a reputation of a company that is focused on providing support to job-seekers and corporations alike. So, the short term need is that of marketing and sales.

In the medium term we need to start building service offerings consistent with the company objectives of supporting people and businesses alike. Unlike large PS organizations, we are a grass-roots effort and work hard on creating local jobs and capabilities while accepting the global business trends. So, in the medium-term, we need to get the delivery system perfected for a global scalability. We need to build domestic and international partnerships for Professional Services.

In the long-term, we need to extend the business on a global scale and allow everyone to live and deliver to their full potential. We strongly believe that its human capital that when improved under right ethical and business guidelines that we will make this world a great place to call home.

How does MirGroup make money?

MirGroup is a very low overhead Professional Services company that uses methods and approach that rivals Big-5 consulting. We are an accountability group where cluster of talent grows and matures together in an area that works best for everyone. Once a group is ready to build and market a specific service, we build a service together and communicate it through our channels. Below are some ways we do business.

Education: Our trainers provide free training to others. For those that want to learn more, a premium is charged to the students and the funds are shared between the trainer and MirGroup.

Recruiting: There are two ways we conduct recruiting business. First we work with recruiters to cross- and up-sell as a partner. Recruiters own the client relationship and we provide the Project Management and Management Consulting layer on top to assist their customers build solutions. Then, at the recruiters request, we provide trained resources that recruiters can place with their clients. Depending upon the method, depth and duration of engagement we share the revenue.

Software Product Development: if there is a need for building a software product, we work on Time and Material (T&M), Fixed Bid (FB), or Equity Stake (ES) basis.

How do I engage with MirGroup?

It all depends upon what you are looking for. It all starts with you defining your direction. Below are some ideas.

Job Seeker: Build your own job title and associated accomplishments that you want to deliver with MirGroup. We will help you. Then you deliver to the mutual expectations and update your resume with what you accomplished. We will be your reference. We will also assist you with job search.

Learner: Define the area you want to learn. We will coach you on how to lean in the digital age, specific to your area of interest. Find a mentor in our network and create a mutually beneficial environment that motivates all parties to assist each other.

Recruiter: Identify a need. For example, your customer has a problem but has not figured out how best to solve it. Specifically, they do not know how many and what type of resources they need. We help build a high level plan that lays out skills and headcount required to fix the problem. You get to place the identified resources.

Entrepreneurs: We can help an entrepreneur plan their venture and get bootstrap funding. As part of our engagement, we provide technology advisory services.

Companies: We have multiple offerings for this group. All in the technology space. From partial CxO (CIO/CTO/CFO/CEO) to software development or selection (Cloud or on-premises). We work on Time and Material, Fix Bid, or Pay-For-Use bases.