Digital Twins enable in-depth analyses by leveraging 3D Data, Big Data, IoT and AI inputs 

They are set to revolutionize entire industries, from AEC to automotive and beyond. We’ve already seen digital twins being used in the AEC industry to develop next-generation buildings and smart cities. 

Digital Twins will be increasingly used for everything from managing renewable energy plants to improving the performance in the Automotive, Aerospace and Defense industries.

Digital Twins can help cities to become more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. It enable users to create models that guide their future plans, intelligent energy, real-time monitoring, with sustainable buildings and help provide solutions to the complex issues that cities face. 

Over 130 Cities - 2M+ Buildings - LOD 2.0 thru 4.0 - FUSION 3D Models

Enabling Data-First Digital Twins

Data-first digital twins that are customizable and extensible. The platform helps you integrate and futureproof valuable data from virtually any source.

NVIDIA Omniverse - EPIC Unreal Engine 5 - Cesium - Google 3D